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Transitional Window Films

Transitional window films are triggered to change from ‘clear’ to a ‘darker’, tinted state in the sun. Once exposed, the photochromic interlayer chemically responds within 30 seconds tinting glass when needed.

 -20-40% transition based on sun intensity

 -Activates within 30 seconds of UV exposure

 -Return to original state within five minutes out of direct sunlight.

Our Transitional Film can be referred to as Photochromic Film, Self Tinting Film and Adaptive Window Film!

Our Transitional Films are Sold by the linear foot off a 60" roll. Review our Specification sheet for the model number you require. Contact us for a Free Estimate!

Pricing starts at $8.00 sqft!

Clear Window Film when Wanted Tinted Window Film when Needed!​​

Photochromic Thin Film Technology

Photochromic window films chemically react to UV exposure at and around 395 nanometers. The molecular structure of our Transitional Film proprietary base material expands when triggered blocking out increasing portions of the sun’s visible light spectrum.

- Photochromic reaction tints glass up to 35%

 -Clear windows at night for maximum view

 -Provide for increasing levels of heat control as film darkens

Transitional window films are triggered to change from a ‘clear’ to a ‘darker’, tinted state when exposed to the sun’s UV radiation.

Adaptive Window Tint

Adaptive Window Tint Films transition from a ‘clear’ to ‘tinted’ state when exposed to sunlight. Designed to adapt to your environment, Smart Film's Transitional films are perfect for customers looking for a sun control solution only when it’s needed.

 -Maintains clear, safe vision at night time

 -Maximize daylight on cloudy or rainy days

 -Works best under intense sunlight