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Smart Film Inc. supplies Insulated Glass Smart Glass units or complete vinyl IGU Smart Glass units custom made just for you!

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Glass laminators, this is for you!

We offer you a full package of switchable Smart Films in roll format or pre-cut, pre-wired ready for lamination. We will support you with lamination and process qualification. Power control and other required accessories for remote control moving glass and more.

TAKE CONTROL and ensure complete privacy with glass that frosts on demand. Switchable Smart Film Glass with privacy on demand, powered exclusively with Smart Film technology, features electrically activated, PDLC / smart glass technology that instantly changes from transparent to frosted white with the touch of a button, by mobile device, or by voice command.

IGU Smart Glass

Insulated Smart Glass Windows

​​​​Smart Film


SMART FILM TRANSITIONAL FILM WINDOW “transitions” from a lighter to a darker tint when exposed to sunlight. On bright sunny days, Transitional Film reacts to the sun’s intensity and darkens to reduce sun glare and heat gain. On cloudy, rainy days and at night, Transitional Film remains unchanged, preserving your views and maximizing available daylight.

Smart Film Inc - Adhesive Smart Film. Apply our Smart Film to any flat clean surface to turn it in to a Smart Surface

Convert standard glass into  Smart Glass with our Smart Film Polymer (Dispersed Liquid Crystal PDLC) adhesive smart films designed to be retrofitted into an existing space for an instant upgrade


​​Transitional Film